Our Safety Standards

User data protected - TaxGarden security policy

TaxGarden wants the users to feel at ease and confident while entrusting their personal, company and tax information to us. When our users register with us or start preparing their tax return or while submitting the return, they can feel secured as they are protected from all possible threats. The personal information that our users share over the internet is transmitted through an encrypted format using Secured Socket Layers (SSL), by the world class SSL Certificate. The website is protected from hackers, to keep the website safe with daily scans for malware, malicious javascript, suspicious redirections, and keep the users safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.

Never share your credentials with anyone or with any third party at any cost or by any means. Please note that the users are responsible for protecting their computers and credentials against unauthorized access. If a user ever doubts that their account was hacked, we request them to log into their account and reset their password while keeping us informed about the same. Users are requested to stay protected against phishing schemes and fake emails that might trick recipients into disclosing financial information and personal details. TaxGarden can’t be held responsible for any such activities that happen in the name of TaxGarden or its products and services.

Users may call us or write to us for any further assistance on TaxGarden.

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